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Book Review: The Autobiography of Mr. Spock by Una McCormack

Title: The Autobiography of Mr. Spock
Author: Una McCormack
Dates read: 10/01/22 – 16/01/22
Rating 1/5

Publisher: Titan Books
Number of pages: 288
Fiction or non-fiction: fiction
Subject or genre: tv tie: star trek, science-fiction

Book blurb:Fictional autobiography of the iconic Star Trek character, told in his own words and telling the story of his life, including his difficult childhood, his adventures on the Enterprise, and his death and resurrection on the Genesis Planet.

“The Autobiography of Mr. Spock” tells the story of one of Starfleet’s finest officers, and one the Federations most celebrated citizens. Half human and half Vulcan, the book, written in Spock’s own words, follows his difficult childhood on the planet Vulcan; his controversial enrollment at Starfleet Academy; his adventures with Captain Kirk and the crew of the Starship Enterprise; his diplomatic triumphs with the Klingons and Romulans; and his death and amazing resurrection on the Genesis Planet. We meet the friends he’s made, the women he loved, and experience the triumphs and tragedies of a life and career that spanned a century. Despite his alien blood, his struggle to find his place in the universe is one we can all relate to.

How I discovered or acquired this book: It was on the ‘new books’ table in Honiton Library. It just jumped up and yelled at me, and what was I supposed to do, ignore a book about Mr Spock? I mean, really!

My thoughts I wish I’d left it on the new books table. I did not think it was possible to make a book about Mr Spock’s life dull, boring, uninteresting and flat. That’s what this book was. I almost DNFed it about 3 times but stubborn-ness had kicked in and… maybe it was going to get better. Reader, it did not get better. Every now and again there would be a couple of lines that sounded perfectly like Spock and made me smile, but the whole thing was just meh.