sunday post

Thank you

I just want to say a huge thank you to everyone who donated towards helping cover the cost of getting Eliot’s brakes and my teeth sorted. Not going to lie, I sat here and cried. The cost of his repairs is sorted and I have about a third of the cost of my dental treatment covered so the costs are not going to completely wipe out my savings and credit which is incredible to know.


Eliot booked in for new rear brake pads and disks on Friday morning. And I have dentist appointments booked in September, October and November to continue my treatment.

So yeah, it’s been a hell of a week with all that happening: Dentist, the start of my autism referral and being booked in for a screening appointment, I actually made it not only into Tesco but did a real, in-person shop for the first time in a couple of years, Eliot’s brakes crunching, money worries… I’m hoping for a quieter week coming up, so that I’ve got the mental energy to read, play games -do anything, if I’m being honest. My brain is all fuzzy static. This heatwave isn’t helping. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love these temperatures but it’s the humidity that is fucking killing me. It is currently 32c (89.6F) which is glorious but it’s also like 40% humidity. Today is supposed to be the last day and we’ve got thunderstorms forecast. I do love a good thunderstorm.

For a reading update I am currently:
76% of Anne Rice – Interview With The Vampire
71% of Mira Grant – Symbiont
18% of Peter Ackroyd – History Of England: Foundation

I am also planning on starting:
Natalie J Case – Thanátou
Kerry O Ferris – Stargazing
Matt Haig – The Dead Fathers Club

And, like I said, hoping for a much better week ahead!


One embarassed Llama asking for help

I really hate to have to ask, but I’m in need of some financial help. I’m completely aware that the world is a dumpster fire right now and times are tough for everyone. So asking is horrible and I hate it.

My 10 year old car’s brakes aren’t great. He needs new brake pads and disks. The best quote I’ve got is £249. I am agoraphobic, he’s my lifeline and one of the few places I feel safe in.

I also need £280 worth of dental work. This is work that’s needed doing for about a decade, but I keep putting it off because I’m terrified of dentists. But it’s now got to the point where I NEED the work done – before I lose the rest of the teeth I have left.

I can cover one. Or the other. But it’ll wipe me out completely – empty my meagre savings and max out my credit card. I know times are tough for everyone right now. The world is a dumpster fire. I know. But if you can please spare even £5, to help Eliot get new brakes and to help a llama get their smile back it would be appreciated more than you could know!