sunday post

The Sunday Post: No spoons or fucks to be found

It has been a week y’all and I am completely done. I’m not planning on doing anything more strenuous today than walking between the kitchen and living room to get food/drinks etc.


Monday at work I was dealing with the fallout of people not processing my Key Engineering Supplier invoices while I was doing Big Project Work. And it was one of those days where I processed… a LOT of invoices. One of the reasons I work slow and steady 90% of the time is that when the shit hits the fan like this, I have the oomph to post like 60 invoices in a day.

I also had a therapy appointment, we’re almost at the end of our sessions and we’re starting to work now on my Staying Well Plan. It’s not as scary as I thought it would to be coming to the end and not having Jeanett’s support which obviously is the entire POINT of therapy.

Tuesday I had a day off work because of a dentist appointment. I knew I had to have a filling and I knew I’d be no use to anyone after it was done. Except… it wasn’t just a filling. It was two fillings AND taking the first mould. I was not expecting that. I was very very glad the diazepam had kicked in before she took the mould because that was overwhelming and horrible. And my dentist was doing a new thing which REALLY helped. She’d be like ‘I need to do [XYZ] and it’s going to take me to the count of 10’, and then she would count out loud to 10. So there was this fixed end point to the current torture and then I could take a break. AND she lets me get up out of the chair and stim which is amazing!

Wednesday I continued plowing through invoices, but also had my introductory phonecall with my new tutor. She seems nice enough, specialises in Roman literature and we had a good chat about how she can support me with my ‘additional needs’, how best for her to communicate with me etc so that was really good.

And then yesterday I had my seasonal COVID booster jab. I was very very anxious about that. It’s at the local football ground and last year was… not good. The parking was very confusing, there was way too many people and I had a complete panic attack/meltdown which neither they or I knew how to handle.

This year I decided to walk – it was just over a mile – because that would ease the parking panic. Plus I sometimes find that walking, the repetitive motion of it, as long as my knees are behaving, is quite calming. So, headphones on and down the road I went. And there was no-one there. One person in front of me, two old people who were glaring at me behind me, and I was in and out in like 10 minutes.
I was actually really glad I walked in the end, I had so much adrenalin built up, and then it was almost anticlimatic so walking home again was a good use for that. Then I crashed, napped, and ordered myself a naughty KFC.

I get to do it all over again next week with my flu jab, so that’s going to be fun

Woke up this morning to the news that I won £89 on the Lottery last night. Treated myself to The Novel Companion which restocked in the week but I didn’t have the budget for. Very excited
I’d initially wanted next years Always Fully Booked planner but when I looked closer at the weekly planning pages, the layout wouldn’t work for the style of planning that’s currently working for me and it wasn’t worth getting just for the reading journal bits. So yes, I’m thrilled!

School also technically started again yesterday, but pretty much my only contribution to that was to tidy up my desk. It looks pretty awesome mind:

This week’s unit is mostly introductory work – information about the module, how the module is studied, links to the pronunciation guide and the study website. I’ve been chatting in the forums already and will probably spend a couple of hours on the intro stuff this afternoon.

Other than that, as long as I catch up on the dishes and read a chapter or so of A Brief History of Ancient Greece, then I’ll be happy.

Here’s to a better next week!


A Quick Catchup

Apologies for the lack of posting over the last week or so – I have been an exhausted Cassie. A huge project I’ve been involved in at work has completely imploded and I’m picking up debris left, right and centre. It’s been a month or so, and it’s going to be at least another month or so. Shit officially hit the fan and meetings are involving senior management (so I’m hoping that means some of the problems are going to be fixed but I’m not holding my breath).

School is also going fantastically. I got 81% for my English Literature assignment which was an essay on Twelfth Night and one on Jane Eyre. My feedback says ‘You have communicated your ideas, knowledge and understanding effectively using your own words. Your answer is reasonably well-structured with a good referencing and there is clear evidence of generally sound essay-writing skills.’ so as you can imagine I am beaming.
Next up is a short story of 900 words – we’re given 3 first lines to write, annoyingly all in first person so I’m thinking I’m going to write two versions: one following the first person, and one twisting it so I can write in third person. I’m not worried about that taking too long because in the free writing exercises we’ve been doing, I’ve been writing about 400 words in 15 minutes. The reflective commentary, on the other hand… ugh!

But what it does mean that by the time I’ve worked, cooked and studied, I am utterly exhausted and just flooping on the couch with a book. And, because I’m stressed, my ADHD is acting like a little bitch and I am starting a ridiculous number of books. I do seem to have started to settle on reading Bill Bryson – The Body: A Guide For Occupants and Sarah Penner

I have managed to finish a few lately though:3/5
Matt Haig – The Comfort Book – 4/5
Philip K Dick – The Impossible Planet – 4/5
Alok Vaid-Menon – Beyond The Gender Binary – 4.5/5
Edward Monkton – I Love You – 5/5
Carmen Parets Luque – A Handful Of Buttons – 3/5
Rob Jackson & Ricardo Gattas-Moras – The Rainbow Bee – 5/5
Mini-reviews to follow once I have more brain, probably next week after I’ve submitted my assignment