weekly wednesday blogging challenge

Weekly Wednesday: A book setting you’d like to visit and why

This week, Weekly Wednesday Blogging Challenge asks A book setting you’d like to visit and why

And OMG y’all, I have been trying to get to Narnia through the back of a wardrobe for like 33 years now!

The BBC adaptation of The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe aired when I was 8/9, and I got a boxset of the books (which I still have) for the following birthday, summer of 1989. My parents spare bedroom even had a proper big old wooden wardrobe and there have been many many attempts to travel from the Land of Spare ‘Oom and War Drobe to Narnia.

I want to go to the wood between the worlds and jump into the pools to travel to different universes
I want to sail in the Dawn Treader to the end of the world and find the seven lost Lords.
I want to meet Mr Tumnus and Mr & Mrs Beaver and Aslan.

And so, I will keep on trying every wardrobe until I get there.