weekly wednesday blogging challenge

Weekly Wednesday Blogging Challenge catch-up

I’ve missed a couple of weeks’ worth of Weekly Wednesday Blogging Challenge prompts, some of which were ones I actually wanted to answer so let’s play catch up!

Museums/Galleries I’ve visited/want to visit and starting with the disclaimer that British Colonialism was bad and artefacts absolutely belong with their own cultures and not with looters… however having said that, I thoroughly enjoy a good wander around a museum. I am a history nerd after all, and without the British Museum, I would never actually get to see things like the Rosetta Stone or the Elgin Marbles so I’ve got complicated, mixed-up, feelings about these things.

I do love the British Museum, the Natural History Museum, the National Gallery and the Portrait Gallery (although never go to the Tudor Gallery with me unless you want an impromptu history lesson because hello special interest!). I love science museums as well, I’ve been to the ones in London and Glasgow. I visit the Kelvingrove when I’m up in Glasgow, and Li and I visit the RAMM in Exeter regularly. Back home in Telford, I love Blists Hill and over in Dudley the Black Country Living Museum. Jorvik Viking Centre is so much fun too.

Basically, yes I love museums, I go to as many as I can and there are many many I want to go to – I’d be here all day listing all the ones I want to visit!

Books that are tearjerker and I’m sorry but have you met me? LMAO! I cry easily over books and genuinely cry over the majority of them. I cry over books that are sad, and I cry over the warm fuzzies. I love stories that really tug on my heartstrings and make me cry. The last one that spring to mind is The Teashop on The Corner – I cried at both happy, sad, and heartwarming points in that story.

Characters I See Differently Now Than I Used To. I still remember the first rewatch of Buffy when I started to realise that Giles was right. I was agreeing with Rupert Giles and that was terrifying. I was a similar age to Buffy, Xander and Willow when I first watched the show and saw Giles the same way they did. But then all of a sudden, I’m Giles’ age and he has a point and that was… yeah

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