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Creative Halloween Costumes

This week’s Weekly Wednesday Blogging Challenge question is The Most Creative Halloween Costume I’ve Worn and the short answer is ‘not applicable’

I’m sure I must have at some point, but there’s genuinely nothing that sticks in my mind about having ever actually donned a Halloween costume.

OK no – there was that Halloween Steve Carlson gig in London many years back now where I had one a fucking incredible corset and devil horns, and Natalie did my makeup and stuff. But it wasn’t exactly a ‘creative costume’.

(I did almost fall out of the corset at least once, and more than one friend buried their face in my boobs while I was wearing it. It was a fucking amazing corset LMAO)

I do recall Kane fucking loved it when I wore it at a con the following week. Natalie and I had a photo op with him, we both wore the corsets and he was all “I’m surrounded by boobs”.
I wonder where that photo is ponders

And I do nearly always have my kitty ears on at gigs and cons but again, not exactly creative, or a costume. Or Halloween specific.

I don’t… dressing up/wearing costumes feels uncomfortable for me. Don’t get me wrong – I love seeing other people’s amazing costumes, and one of my favourite things at conventions is seeing fantastic cosplay outfits. But it’s not a me thing to do.

I don’t like… I don’t like being seen, I don’t like standing out and being noticed. And the idea of wearing something that is designed for me to be noticed in is… not a nice one.

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  1. That is *quite* the corset! I’m honestly amazed you managed not to fall out of it. Sounds like you had a great time with it, though.

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