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Reading goals check-in

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This week’s topic doesn’t appeal to me, so I’m picking one from a couple of weeks ago that I missed: Reading Goals I Still Want to Accomplish Before the End of the Year
We’ve just begun the last quarter of the year! What bookish goals would you still like to accomplish? If you participated in TTT’s Bookish Goals for 2023 topic this past January, update us on which goals you’ve achieved, which you’ve given up on, and which ones you’re still working on!

Clear one pile of the physical TBR
insert hysterical laughter here
Of course, it hasn’t helped that I’ve been stuck in Devon without access to my piles for a few months… but I’ve put together a wee ‘rota’ of all the ways I have access to books and I’m planning on using that.

Read 50 books
I actually adjusted this goal twice, and it’s currently at a goal of 80 – and I’ve read 70 books already this year. I’m wondering if this might be the year I hit 100 for the first time.

Blog 3x a week
I seem to go in fits and spurts, still working on it. Think it’s going to be a work-in-progress for a while longer… and I still need to figure out the social media side of things

Try to only read onebook at a time
That did not work as a realistic goal for me and my ADHD, but I do seem to have settled at 5 being a good number

Finish Bill Bryson bibliography
And so naturally, I’ve read… no Bryson books this year facepalm

Then, a quick look at the reading challenges I’ve picked up on storygraph:
Reading Rainbow 100% complete, 12 books read! 😀
2023 Genre challenge 100% complete, 10 books read! 😀
Storygraph genre challenge 90% complete, book selected for the last one
On the cover 88% complete, 14 books read< (and 1 in progress). You wouldn’t think it would be so hard to find a book with a mask on the cover LMAO
50 women 74% complete, 37 books by women read so far this year
Alphabet challenge 69% complete, 18 books read – just the awkward ones like E, I, J, K, U, V, X, Z to go and I’m probably going to grab random books from the library!
Storygraph onboarding 50%, 3 books read and books selected for the other 3
Around the world 40% complete, 4 books read, and 2 more in progress, with books picked for all prompts

I also need to update my reading journal so that might be plan for this afternoon.

All in all, I think I’m doing pretty well and I are pleased 🙂

15 thoughts on “Reading goals check-in

  1. You have almost finished all your challenges, congrats 🙂 the Alphabet challenge sounds fun. I read Vampires of El Norte, its mystery and little spooky but good

    1. I’m half-tempted to re-read The Vampire Lestat for V, always a favourite of mine. I just looked up Vampires Of El Norte and that looks good too

    1. In all the years I’ve been logging, I haven’t gone past 75 – and that’s when I was commuting to work on the train every day so it’s quite an exciting prospect to hit 100!

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