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Three Fun Facts About Myself

This week’s Weekly Wednesday Blogging Challenge is one that I actually really struggled with, and ended up asking Li for some help to answer. That tricky topic? Three Fun Facts About Myself

I tend to over-think this topic – what’s fun? what’s interesting? what have I shared to death?

1) I could read and write before I started nursery school.
I don’t remember not being able to read, or learning to read. I have been told the story of I used to spend most of the time in the nursery in the book corner reading. I remember my dad taking me to the library every Saturday morning.

2) I met my fiancée Li through fanfiction
I found her SG-1 fic on AO3 in October 2020, started reading and leaving comments as you do. Then looked her up on social media and a couple of months later, found the confidence (and this is very out of the norm for me) to message her… that was December 2020 and we haven’t stopped talking since!

3) Li says I have to say how I can always predict who’s going home on competition shows
I never used to watch any of them, but with Li I watch Masterchef, Bake Off, and many many more. It’s competence porn combined with people sharing the thing they love which is always happy making. But yes, I can always say who’s going home. Even when I say I don’t know… I can still say it just a beat before the judges do!
(I honestly think it’s basic pattern recognition, but Li loves this mundane super power of mine)

What’s a fun fact about you that you feel comfortable sharing?

3 thoughts on “Three Fun Facts About Myself

  1. Awww, I love the image of little you in the corner absorbed in books. How lovely! And it’s so great that your dad took you to the library regularly. My mom did that too. It’s a wonderful way to ensure your kids grow up loving books.


  2. I also tend to over think these kinds of prompts, but I think your list is great! I learned to read very early, also. It seems that my pre-school teacher complained to my parents that I would spend my time off on my own reading instead of socializing with the other kids. (A habit I never quite grew out of…)

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