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Weekly Wednesday Blogging Challenge & Book Blogger Hop

And, once again, I find myself needing to catch up on both Weekly Wednesday Blogging Challenge and Book Blogger Hop, so without further ado:

The Weekly Wednesday Blogging Challenge questions are:

Films to watch when you’re having a bad day
I’m generally not a big film person, I usually turn to TV shows rather than movies although my go-to movies will always be Star Wars and Jurassic Park. TV wise it’s Buffy, Leverage, Stargate and Supernatural.

My thoughts on small talk
I hate it, I find it incredibly painful to do. It’s bland, it doesn’t mean anything, it’s pointless and it’s boring. I’d rather have a conversation about something important or exciting, I love talking with people about the things they care about, or are passionate about.

And for Book Blogger Hop we have:

Have you ever read with a book light?
Not that I recall. I didn’t do the torch under the covers as a kid either – I don’t recall not being allowed to read, even well past my bedtime, I just had the light on. It’s the same now as well, and I do still read well past my bedtime. I do appreciate the backlight on my Kindle though!

Have you tried a reel on Instagram
Nope, I don’t generally watch them either although I love watching TikTok videos. I don’t like seeing/hearing myself on video and I don’t know enough about editing to do any of the other kind of videos.
I am figuring out using my book instagram though – I’m using the May Photo a Day challenge as well as trying to remember to post the books I’m reading as I finish them

Have you ever been told that you have an excessive number of books? If so, what was your reaction?
Oh many many times, and that I read too much. I’ve heard that SO many times. I now generally just laugh and I’ve learned over the years that anyone who harshes my squee on that isn’t someone who’s worth having in my life – the people who matter understand that it’s important to me and encourage my love.

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