TBR Reorganisation

You know those 5-minute jobs that end up taking over a day? Yeah, I had one of those over the weekend.

I’d finished a book and couldn’t decide what to read next, Li mentioned something about wondering if there was a random TBR generator or one that suggests items on your TBR based on what you were in the mood for and I remembered that Storygraph can actually do that. Li asked why I didn’t utilise that and so I explained that my Storygraph TBR was copied over from my Goodreads want-to-read and wasn’t just the books that were physically on my TBR/kindle.

A quick realisation that the storygraph one is literally called TBR and I decided to use it as such. I deleted the whole TBR from storygraph and started manually adding books back onto it. I added the whole Waterstones haul, the books I have out of the library, the books I have on Libby, all the books currently downloaded onto my Kindle and the first pile of my physical TBR (which while I don’t have all the books with me, I do have a spreadsheet). It ended up taking… much longer than expected but also because I ended up doing a lot of librarian-ing on Storygraph, correcting detail information, uploading cover images etc etc.

I’m going to keep using the goodreads want-to-read as being a huge long list of books I would love to read. Does it need sorting through at some point? Yes, yes it does but that’s a worry for Future Cassie.

But what I do now have is a TBR on Storygraph that accurately reflects my TBR. and there’s only 99 books on it

2 thoughts on “TBR Reorganisation

    1. I’m slowly falling in love with Storygraph, and love the stats they give me… just wish it was a little easier to add and edit book information but I know they’ve got a lot of work in the pipeline

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