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What makes me pick up a book?

This week’s Weekly Wednesday Blogging Challenge asks about What makes you pick up and buy a book?

There are so many reasons!

  • The cover is pretty – colours design or image
  • The title catches my eye, intrigues me or is in the style of the chick-lit books I like i.e. ‘The Little Wedding Island’
  • It’s by an author I love and automatically read
  • It’s the next in a series I’m reading
  • It’s set in/about a period of history that I love
  • I’ve seen it recommended – goodreads, book blog, booktok, amazon email and so on
  • It’s free on bookbub/kindofbook
  • It’s been on my TBR for 17 billion years
  • My ADHD brain has decided I don’t know enough about a random topic like, i don’t know, paleolithic geology (no, really. that did legit happen…)

In case y’all hadn’t noticed, I’m a very eclectic reader, I’ll read pretty much any genre, any type of book. And I’m a mood reader. I will pick up whatever catches my attention, when it catches my attention, regardless of the 25 books I’ve already got on the go.

10 thoughts on “What makes me pick up a book?

    1. I will probably die by being crushed by my TBR pile falling on top of me. Bury me with books so I can read them in the next life!

    1. It happened the other week. One minute I was reading about William the Conquerer, the next about the geological history of the planet. I have no idea what path my brain took to get there… it was fascinating though!

  1. Okay, I absolutely adore the phrase “mood reader” because yes, that’s a really great description of how that works!

    1. Thankfully my TBR is big enough that there’s usually something I’m in the mood for – and if there isn’t, the library is literally at the bottom of the hill, so it works out well!

  2. I’m the same way with mood reading. Or if something catches my eye. The first three are huge for me- and recommendations too, especially from book blogs now!

    1. I swear in the 9 months I’ve been book blogging, my TBR has doubled. I’m coming across so many more amazing books that I’d probably have never discovered. It’s amazing! 😀

  3. I have a lot that have been on my TBR list for years, so I’m with you on that one.

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