I Ate’nt Dead

You know what’s really funny? I’ve been meaning to write a post for about a week or so where I say ‘I’m not dead, just distracted’ because…. well because after submitting my essay on the Sanctuary Of Zeus, I fell down the rabbithole of playing Stardew Valley and barely picked up a book in over a month.

Today, I’m finding the time to sit and write this post… because I’m off work sick and feeling pretty dead-like. Li is also sick, but we tested negative for COVID last night so just A.N.Other virus – we’re both fatigued, aching muscles, coughing, fevery so we’re curled up on the couch and I decided now would be the perfect time to move my book blog to it’s new domain

Welcome to 

I’m very excited. At some point over the summer, a new llama-themed layout will get created but for now, the only thing different is the background.
Also coming soon, because I am SERIOUSLY rediscovering my love for video games is

Bookish content to resume shortly!
But for now I shall tell you that I’m currently reading:

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