A Quick Catchup

Apologies for the lack of posting over the last week or so – I have been an exhausted Cassie. A huge project I’ve been involved in at work has completely imploded and I’m picking up debris left, right and centre. It’s been a month or so, and it’s going to be at least another month or so. Shit officially hit the fan and meetings are involving senior management (so I’m hoping that means some of the problems are going to be fixed but I’m not holding my breath).

School is also going fantastically. I got 81% for my English Literature assignment which was an essay on Twelfth Night and one on Jane Eyre. My feedback says ‘You have communicated your ideas, knowledge and understanding effectively using your own words. Your answer is reasonably well-structured with a good referencing and there is clear evidence of generally sound essay-writing skills.’ so as you can imagine I am beaming.
Next up is a short story of 900 words – we’re given 3 first lines to write, annoyingly all in first person so I’m thinking I’m going to write two versions: one following the first person, and one twisting it so I can write in third person. I’m not worried about that taking too long because in the free writing exercises we’ve been doing, I’ve been writing about 400 words in 15 minutes. The reflective commentary, on the other hand… ugh!

But what it does mean that by the time I’ve worked, cooked and studied, I am utterly exhausted and just flooping on the couch with a book. And, because I’m stressed, my ADHD is acting like a little bitch and I am starting a ridiculous number of books. I do seem to have started to settle on reading Bill Bryson – The Body: A Guide For Occupants and Sarah Penner

I have managed to finish a few lately though:3/5
Matt Haig – The Comfort Book – 4/5
Philip K Dick – The Impossible Planet – 4/5
Alok Vaid-Menon – Beyond The Gender Binary – 4.5/5
Edward Monkton – I Love You – 5/5
Carmen Parets Luque – A Handful Of Buttons – 3/5
Rob Jackson & Ricardo Gattas-Moras – The Rainbow Bee – 5/5
Mini-reviews to follow once I have more brain, probably next week after I’ve submitted my assignment

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  1. I’m sorry you’re having such a tough time at work, and I hope it smooths out soon. Best of luck to you, Cassie.

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